New to CyberArk?? Best PAM tool 2020

New to CyberArk Best PAM tool 2020 : CyberArk PAS software is used to manage “Privilege ID’s* & Passwords” & “Privilege Sessions (Initiated by Privilege ID’s* or Admin ID’s*)” in an Organization. CyberArk PAS Software was developed  by CyberArk, an Israeli Software Company and CyberArk is a PAM (Privilege Access Management) leader since last 6-7 years. CyberArk also provides theft detection feature that protects against advanced threat.

*Privilege ID’s or Admin ID’s – An ID which is used to perform superuser tasks such as install a software, uninstall a software, patching, system configuration changes etc.

  • For Windows – It’s Administrator
  • For Unix – It’s Root
  • For Database – It’s SYS
New to CyberArk -Best PAM Tool 2020
Image Credit – CyberArk

What is CyberArk

Cyber Security is need of society as Cyber-attacks are constantly increasing now a days and even more dangerous in case of Privilege or Admin credentials. Usually attackers target privilege accounts however Organizations with limited Infrastructure, un-skilled professionals are not able to protect their privilege accounts even many companies do not have any PAM strategy to secure privilege Accounts.

Market of PAM technology is increasing day by day. We are expecting market growth for PAM technology till 2025 is approx. 5.4 Billion US$ which is approx. 2 times than current plan.

CyberArk – It is a security tool has strong potential to deliver Cyber Security needs of an organization. It provides highly efficient way to secure privileged accounts in an Organization. It manages privilege accounts password through password manager and store the session activity through privileged session manager.

Reputation of CyberArk in today’s world is very good and it has been used by around 50% of Fortune 500 Companies. Mostly it’s used in industry like healthcare, financial services, energy, retail etc. During last few years CyberArk acquired many reputed organization like Conjur (CyberArk Conjur), View Finity (CyberArk EPM) , Idaptive etc.

Architecture of CyberArk


New to CyberArk -Best PAM Tool 2020
Image Credit -MyCyberClasses

CyberArk Courses

  1. CyberArk PAS Course
  2. CyberArk EPM Course
  3. CyberArk AAM Course

Components of CyberArk

  • PVWA (Password Vault Web Access – Use to Perform CyberArk Admin activities)
  • CPM (Central Policy Manager – Use to rotate credentails of Admin ID’s)
  • PSM (Privilege Session Manager – Use to Store sessions initiated by Admin ID’s)
  • PSMP, AAM, Conjur, EPM etc.

CyberArk Documents

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CyberArk Training & Certification

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New to CyberArk Best PAM tool 2020


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