CyberArk Trustee Certification Level-1

Free CyberArk Trustee Certification : CyberArk Certification is a program specially designed for aspirants who are really interested to earn CyberArk stars and can start working as PAM Technology experts. CyberArk Trustee Certification is a Level 1 certification Program offered by CyberArk and it is a free Certificate for All. If you are on this page, We are happy and wishing you good luck for your Level -1 CyberArk Trustee Certification Preparation.

CyberArk experts are highly paid experts in IT industry. We assure that after getting enrolled in our courses or by watching our videos on Youtube, you will be able to understand core concept of CyberArk. It will definitely help you to easily crack any job interviews and many more.

We are confident that after reading our post and checking our video, It would be much easy to you to understand about CyberArk Trustee Certification.

Cyberark Trustee Certification
Image Credit- CyberArk

The achiever of Trustee certificate can gain basic knowledge of the use of Admin accounts in digital security as well as PAM technology. It’s highly recommended to complete this certificate if you are working in CyberArk Project and willing to work on.

Free CyberArk Trustee Certification

How to Register for CyberArk Trustee Certification :-

You can simply register on CyberArk Training Website ( and can get your Level 1 CyberArk Trustee Certificate. We recommend you to login with your Organization email so that your certificate can be transferred in case you changed your company.

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Go to -> Go to Catalogue -> Select your Trustee Certificate & Click on View Details:-

CyberArk Trustee Certification
Image Credit- CyberArk

Before achieving Your Trustee Certificate -> You have to complete “Introduction To CyberArk Privilege Access Security”

CyberArk Trustee Certification
Image Credit- CyberArk

You can see in below screenshot, This training is Free. You must Click Start –

CyberArk Trustee Certification
Image Credit- CyberArk

Once you complete this training successfully , your access to Level 1 Trustee Certificate will be enabled and you have to clear this exam to get your first CyberArk Trustee Certificate.

If you have already achieved your Level -1 CyberArk Trustee Certificate, Congratulations!!!!!!

Audience for CyberArk Certification

  • Project Managers
  • IT personnel
  • Network engineer
  • Security Analyst

Now You must visit this section for Level-2  CyberArk Defender & Level-3 CyberArk Sentry !!!!

In case you have any difficulty or do you need any guidance or support for CyberArk Trustee exam, connect with our support team –

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