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CyberArk Sentry Certification Level-3

CyberArk Sentry Certification :-  CyberArk Certification is a program specially designed for aspirants who are really interested to earn CyberArk stars and can start working as PAM Technology experts. Holder of this certificate provides hands on experience on tools to implement, install, and configure the CyberArk PAS Solution. He/she also provides theoretical knowledge with CyberArk.

CyberArk experts are highly paid experts in IT industry. We assure that after getting enrolled in our courses or by watching our videos on Youtube, you will be able to understand core concept of CyberArk. It will definitely help you to easily crack any job interviews and many more.

We are confident that after reading our post and checking our video, It would be much easy to you to understand about CyberArk Sentry Certification.

CyberArk Sentry Certification
Image Credit – CyberArk

CyberArk Sentry Certification

Cost of Level 2 Sentry Certification Exam

Exam Fee 200US$ + 36US$(Tax) = 236US$

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Exam Criteria

Exam consists 65 questions and you need 70% to pass this exam. It’s recommended to complete CyberArk PAS Install & Configure Course before enrolling to CyberArk Sentry Exam.

CyberArk Sentry Certification
Image Credit – CyberArk

How to Register

You have to book your exam seat via PearsonVue.

CyberArk Sentry Certification
Image Credit – CyberArk

Click on Sign-in or Create your account if you have not created your account yet.

Search with CyberArk Sentry or CAU301

CyberArk Sentry Certification
Image Credit – CyberArk

Select the exam and choose option as per your convenience & click next :-

CyberArk Sentry Certification
Image Credit – PearsonVUE

Follow the instructions given and book your seat. Here you can see the total cost of CyberArk Sentry Exam: –

CyberArk Sentry Certification
Image Credit – PearsonVUE

How to Prepare for CyberArk Sentry Certification Exam

First you can register for CyberArk Sentry preparation exam here. It’s free preparation exam for those who are planning to give CyberArk Sentry Certification exam. It consists 40 questions and after completing this, you can get an idea about level of CyberArk Sentry Certification exam questions.

CyberArk Sentry Certification
Image Credit – CyberArk

Start Preparing for CyberArk Sentry Certification by following above mentioned steps, If you have already achieved your Level -3 CyberArk Sentry Certificate, Congratulations!!!!!!

If you have not done any CyberArk Certification, you can start from CyberArk Level 1 Free Trustee Certificate.

If you have achieved CyberArk Level-1 Free Trustee Certificate already now it’s time enroll for CyberArk Defender Certification exam

Also you can Watch CyberArk Trustee Certification Video here & CyberArk Defender Certification Preparation Exam Video here.

How to get badge for CyberArk Sentry Certification

Once you pass your exam, you have to send an email to CyberArk Training Team ( and asked them to generate certificate on behalf of you. You will get your certificate in 7 Business days. You will get an email notification, once CyberArk generates your certificate.

Audience for CyberArk Certification

  • Project Managers
  • IT personnel
  • Network engineer
  • Security Analyst

In case you have any difficulty or do you need any guidance or support for CyberArk Sentry Certification exam, connect with our support team – Click Here

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