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CyberArk AAM – Online Course

CyberArk AAM Course : CyberArk PAS software is used to manage Privilege Passwords & Privilege Sessions (Initiated by Privilege ID’s or Admin ID’s) in an Organization. CyberArk PAS Software was developed  by CyberArk, an Israeli Software Company and CyberArk is a PAM leader since last 6-7 years in PAM Industry. CyberArk also provides theft detection feature that protects against advanced threat.

This Course is specially designed for those who are totally new in CyberArk and for them who are already working in CyberArk but need some expertise. We are quite sure after getting enrolled in CyberArk AAM course you will be able to implement CyberArk AAM solution at any Client’s or Customer Environment. It will also build your confidence.

CyberArk AAM - Best Online Course 2020

CyberArk AAM experts are highly paid experts in IT industry. We assure that after getting enrolled in our CyberArk AAM courses, you will be able to understand core concept of CyberArk PAS/AAM as well as advanced feature of CyberArk. It will definitely help you to easily crack any job interviews and many more.

CyberArk AAM Online Course

CyberArk AAM Course comes with Platinum Plan* only

Platinum Plan*

  • Introduction to CyberArk (What is CyberArk, Why Organization use CyberArk)
  • VMWare Workstation installation along with VM’s creation
  • Windows Server 2016 Installation on VMWare (2 for Vault, 1 for DR, 1 for PVWA & CPM and 1 for PSM Server)
  • Installation of Active Directory, Domain Controller Promotion, Certificates Installation
  • Introduction to all Components (Vault, PVWA, CPM, PSM) & their Workflows
  • Installation of Vault (Stand Alone & DR)
  • Installation of PVWA & CPM Server (Including Pre & Post Installation Steps)
  • Installation of PSM Server (Including Pre & Post Installation Steps)
  • Credential Provider: Install Manually (Windows)
  • Credential Provider: Install Manually (Linux)
  • Credential Provider: Uninstall Manually (Linux)
  • Central Credential Provider : Installation
  • Bulk Upload Application Provisioning using PVWA
  • Dual Accounts – Administration
  • Manually Provision Application Security configuration
  • Automatically Provision Application Security configure with Rest API’s
  • Application Server Credential Provider Integration
  • Interview Questions and Answers

Additional Support

  • CyberArk Defender + Sentry Certification Preparation*
  • CyberArk CDE Certification Preparation*

We recommend you to enroll for CyberArk AAM Course with Platinum Plan to get ready for your desired CyberArk Job.

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Who should join this course 

CyberArk is very niche technology & CyberArk  experts are the professionals with highly paid jobs and are always in demand in IT industry.  Anyone interested to Learn CyberArk Technology (PAM Technology) should join this course.

Audience for CyberArk AAM Course

  • Project Managers
  • IT personnel
  • Network engineer
  • Security Analyst

*Terms & Conditions Apply

In case you have any difficulty to enroll this course or do you need any guidance or support for CyberArk PAS Course, connect with our support team – or you can fill Contact Form here

If you are new to CyberArk, we would recommend please start from here.

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