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BeyondTrust EPM – Best Online Course 2020

BeyondTrust EPM Course : BeyondTrust EPM Software was developed by Avecto (Commonly known as Avecto DefendPoint) and BeyondTrust acquired Avecto, so now it’s known as BeyondTrust Privilege Management for Windows (Till v5.3 It was BeyondTrust DefendPoint). BeyondTrust Privilege Management for Windows is an agent-based solution which manages admin privileges on End Points. It removes Admin privileges from business users and limits the privileges only to required users and application and it also allows only Trusted Application to run and blocks blacklisted application.

BeyondTrust DefendPoint experts are highly paid experts in IT industry. We assure that after getting enrolled in our courses, you will be able to understand core concept of BeyondTrust DefendPoint (Privilege Management for Windows). It will definitely help you to easily crack any job interviews and many more.

Administrator can download DefendPoint agents exe or msi file from BeyondTrust Portal and these agents can be installed on end points via software distributors such as SCCM as well. DefendPoint Agents should be installed on endpoints like Desktops, Laptops etc. Once DefendPoint Agents installed on end-points, it starts communicating with BeyondTrust Policy Editor Server with deployed policy configuration settings related ports like 135 in case of GPO.

BeyondTrust EPM Online Course
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BeyondTrust EPM Course

Beyond Trust EPM Course Comes with Diamond Plan* & Platinum Plan*

Diamond Plan*

  • VMWare Workstation installation along with VM’s creation
  • Windows Server 2016 Installation on VMWare (1 for DC, 1 for SQL and 1 Policy Editor)
  • Installation of Active Directory
  • Domain Controller Promotion
  • Microsoft SQL Server Installation & Configuration SP1/SP2
  • SQL Server Management Studio Installation & Configuration along with DefendPoint Specific roles
  • SQL Server Reporting Services
  • IIS Server Installation
  • Beyond Trust EPM Server Installation (Policy Editor) v5.6 (Including SQL Connection and Reporting Services Connection)
  • Troubleshooting during Installation
  • Privilege Management for Windows msi or exe installations with GUI & commands on end points
  • Defend Point Workstyles, Application Groups , Filters and Policy Creations
  • DefendPoint Trusted Application Protection
  • Black Listed & Whitelisted Applications Practical demo
  • Interview Preparation

Platinum Plan*

Dedicated Support for Beyond Trust Privilege Management for Windows Certification Preparation  + On Job Support


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Who should join this course 

BeyondTrust EPM is very niche technology & BeyondTrust EPM experts are the professionals with highly paid jobs and are always in demand in IT industry.  Anyone interested to Learn BeyondTrust EndPoint Privilege Manager Technology should join this course.

Audience for Beyond Trust DefendPoint Course

  • Project Managers
  • IT personnel
  • Network engineer
  • Security Analyst

*Terms & Conditions Apply

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